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With spa visits becoming more common in North America, homeowners are now looking for ways to bring the relaxing spa experience home with them. Eco Spa focuses on creating your own personal oasis. Materials are focused on natural woods and stone to reflect the growing desire for balance with the natural world, while water saving faucets, bamboo, FSC certified woods and other sustainable materials address the need for a more eco friendly approach.

Some of our products that fall into this category:

1. Costal Sands Granite
2. Sonata
3. Norwich
4. Valencia


Luxe is the definition of ‘modern luxury’. Pamper yourself with large bathroom furniture pieces, a crystal chandelier and rich shiny hardware. Luxe encompasses of the biggest trends in 21st century home design – the master bathroom transforming from a utilitarian space into its own room. Finishes are rich woods, glass and crystal hardware, ornate mirrors and glossy black and white finishes. Add a little Luxe to your home with new glass knobs or a chandelier in the bathroom – you’ll be surprised by the transformation!

Some of our products that fall into this category:
1. Continental
2. Wentworth
3. Wellington
4. Arctic Pearl marble top

Globalization has flung open our doors to the influences of Asia, Africa and India. Transport yourself away from your daily troubles by bringing décor accents from abroad into the bathroom. Hand carving, inlay, hammered metals, mosaics and traditional furniture forms can help you create a room that allows for you to escape and imagine travel to far away lands.


Black is back in both the kitchen and bath for both modern and traditional styles. Even in costal communities were we’d expect to see more light and muted colours, black features and kitchen islands are the new look.

Purple is a huge color in women’s fashion and home trends are not far behind. High-end European kitchens, vanities and even appliances are being seen in a variety of purple shades.

Grey is the new neutral. Grey is a comforting colour with longevity. Keep it muted with silver accents in a traditional home or punch it up with a metallic finish and vibrant accent colours in a modern home.

Gold is glamour. Gold really ties in with Luxe and that desire for luxury products in the home. Seen as gold leaf accents, gold bathroom tile and gold faucets, this is a colour that can be subtle or make a statement.

The monochromatic home is gaining in appeal. This timeless look can be quickly updated with a pop of colour or made more comforting with the introduction of natural woods into the space. Surprising new faucet finishes in the European market include black matte and matte white.

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